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Get quality B2B data lists

Where do you get your B2B data lists and how confident are you about the quality of prospect data.

D&B are committed to continually improving how we collect, manage and maintain our B2B data lists, and we own the intellectual property rights to all of them – right down to individual elements. So you can eliminate potential waste and uncertainty by using us as your trusted source for UK and global business data lists.

Take our UK Trading File for example, which spans everything from the very largest enterprises and SMEs to SOHOs and small businesses.

  • Between them, the 2.8 million businesses in our UK Trading File account for more than 99.9% of UK economic output.
  • All businesses in the UK Trading File are actively trading, and so could potentially benefit from your products and/or services.
  • Our B2B data lists for these businesses include name, address, phone, SIC code, senior contact and number of employees.
  • We constantly monitor each of these 18-20 million pieces of data, and make around 15 million element-level updates and verifications to our business data lists each Quarter.
  • On average, all UK trading records in our B2B data lists are completely updated every three months.

Our business data lists are world class

But that’s just the start of our commitment to the coverage, accuracy and insight provided by our business data lists.

World class B2B data lists – no matter who you want to target

One of the biggest differentiators for our business data lists is D&B insight, through which we incorporate intelligence from sources such as credit reports, risk and portfolio management, trade experiences and D&B proprietary data. Other sources for our B2B data lists include customer generated information, inputs from bulk data suppliers, web data mining, local and global public data, and UK-based call centres making over 2.5 million calls per year.

We also provide business data lists such as Professional Contacts – with details of more than 4.9 million UK individuals (more than 500,000 including personal email addresses); and a range of global business data lists. You can therefore rely on our B2B data lists to improve decision making, create higher quality prospect lists, increase response rates, deliver better targeted marketing campaigns, improve efficiency of your Sales operations and drive CRM integration.

Clients utilising our B2B data lists range from small organisations requiring targeted business data lists to global corporate enterprises using our B2B data lists to supplement their own. Our business data lists also support organisations delivering a variety of traditional and web-based services including B2C and B2B web directories; satellite navigation service providers; data aggregators, and specialist analytical and data management companies.

Whatever your requirements for B2B data lists, call +44 (0)1628 492299. Or, if you’re a D&B partner or want to learn more about aspects of our data including DaaS, Data Management or Data Quality, click the appropriate link(s).

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