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D&B Rating

Helping you to Decide with Confidence

D&B provides Scores and Ratings to help you identify organisations that are likely to fail or pay late, or will want to purchase their goods / services. This helps you to drive growth and increase profitability by:

  • Allowing automated decisions for increased efficiency, which will free up valuable resources to focus on more important decisions
  • Enabling more consistent decisions across the entire organisation
  • Applying scores across an entire portfolio to quickly identify risk and opportunity
  • Allowing faster processing of large volumes of transactions

D&B Rating – Identify Credit-Worthiness Quickly

The D&B Rating provides a quick and clear indication of the credit-worthiness of an organisation, which helps you to identify profitable opportunities for growth, and risks that could affect bad debt and cashflow.

The D&B Rating is made up of two parts and presented in the following format:




  • Financial strength - Based on Tangible Net Worth from the latest financial accounts
  • Risk Indicator - Derived from the D&B Failure Score but also takes into account expert rules and overrides

In the example above, the D&B Rating indicates an organisation with Tangible Net Worth between £1,500,000 and £6,999,999 and a high risk of failure.

Financial Strength

The following table shows the relationship between the Financial Strength indicator and an organisation’s Tangible Net Worth:

Risk Indicator

To generate the Risk Indicator the D&B Failure Score is combined with expert rules such as:

  • Minimum Data - To identify trading activity and provide substance for the score
  • High Risk Parent - High Risk of a parent cascades down through the corporate family tree so that subsidiaries are also marked as High Risk
  • Detrimental Legal Events - In addition to failure events (for example; meeting of creditors, administrator appointed, bankruptcy, etc) Detrimental Auditors Reports will also automatically mark the subject organisation as High Risk
  • Possible Fraudulent Activity - Our team of Severe Risk Specialists identify potential and actual fraudulent businesses and individuals.  Customers are then warned and Scores / Risk Indicators are removed or shown as High Risk
  • Manual Overrides - Scores and Risk Indicators can be adjusted by authorised experts to reflect non statistical / catastrophic events

The following table shows the relationship between the Risk Indicator and level of risk, and provides a guide to interpretation:

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