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The Economic Impact of Brexit - Frequently Asked Questions

On 23 June the UK voted to leave the EU, triggering the first step towards ‘Brexit’. The full effects of this decision will take years to work their way through the global economy, but in the meantime there is widespread, heightened uncertainty.


Post-Brexit UK Country Insight Snapshot

To help you understand the implications of doing business with the UK since the recent EU Referendum, we’re offering our customers a complementary UK Country Insight Snapshot report.


The Global Impact of Brexit

In this short video, Jaspreet Sehmi, Senior Economist at Dun & Bradstreet, analyses the largely negative global impact of Brexit on business confidence and future economic growth.


Increasing Regulations on Human Trafficking

The growth of human trafficking is often attributed to a widespread lack of awareness, which means fewer criminals get caught.


Global Risk Matrix Q2 2016

Ten Key Risks Facing Businesses in a Globalised World


UK Q1 Quarterly Industry Report 2016

Our UK Q1 Quarterly Industry Report 2016 reviews the economic UK outlook.


The 2016 Enterprise Analytics Study

Insights and Implications for Organisations Aspiring to be Analytically Driven.  How important are analytics in driving opportunities for your company?
It's a question more and more organisations are asking themselves as they struggle to transform their data into actionable insights in order to drive growth. And while businesses of all shapes and sizes aspire to be analytically driven, most are not sure what that looks like.
In our 2016 Enterprise Analytics Study, we explore the state of analytics maturity across today's leading organisations and uncover some of the common challenges teams are facing in their quest to use data and analytics to deliver a competitive advantage.


Data Driven Decision Making

Data Driven Decision Making -  What is it and why Should I Practice it?

Reports  |  Whitepapers

Global Bankruptcy Report 2016

The Quarterly Short-term Economic Survey of Principal Enterprise in Japan (Tankan), released by the Bank of Japan at the end of 2015, reported that the diffusion indexes reflecting business confidence in the Japanese economy had stabilised thanks to the support of domestic demand, but that business confidence for the future is down at both large and small to medium enterprises. 


Data Inspired Art of Sales Acceleration

As a B2B Marketer, you’re responsible for a lot. You’re on the hook for more than just moving prospects through the funnel and delivering leads to sales.

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