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Working together. Delivering more.

D&B's 3rd Party initiatives are an integral element of D&B's strategy: to help businesses everywhere get access to the information they need to make better decisions. D&B supports this commitment by forming partnerships with premier, best-in-class companies.

D&B partnerships typically fall into three categories: Credit Insurance, CRM Providers, Partners & Resellers.

Our partners provide their customers with D&B information, solutions and services through a variety of value-added applications and portals. Whether it is one of D&B's "off the shelf" solutions or D&B information being utilized within a distributor’s applications, D&B's data can help each distributor increase their visibility and develop opportunities for growth.

Join us. Interested in partnering with D&B? Contact Guy Shelley.

Credit Insurance

D&B has been at the heart of credit insurance for many years. Our quality data is accepted and trusted globally by credit insurance underwriters and their policy holders.

We have long recognised that for many of our customers, an important part of their risk management strategy will include the use of credit insurance to minimise the risk of customers becoming insolvent or defaulting on payment. As the leading UK provider of credit risk information, D&B works with the leading underwriters and brokers and is embedded in their decision making processes.

For more information please contact Christopher Church.

CRM Providers

D&B has joined its experience and integrity with that of several other leading, best of breed CRM providers - corporations including SAP, Oracle, Siebel, SAS and These partners provide their customers with D&B information, solutions and services through a variety of value-added applications and portals to deliver superior business knowledge in an innovative suite of solutions.

Partners & Resellers

There are many areas in which D&B chooses to form partnerships. Partnerships may present an opportunity to expand routes to an existing market – for example where D&B wishes to increase market share or supplement its own resources. Alternatively, a partnership might be a potential route to new market or lead to the creation of a new Value Add service. D&B’s Partners and resellers fall into four main categories:

List Brokers, Advertising Agencies, Market Research Companies

Marketing organisations purchasing marketing lists for their clients are specialists. Their experience and skills benefit both data purchasers and suppliers. For D&B, list brokers are more than just a channel to the wider market - they are also key customers. For 15 years D&B has had a team dedicated to working with brokers – enjoying the same support we give to all of our key customers.

For more information contact Sunny Bhangra.

Electronic Licensing

D&B has a relatively small number of high value Electronic Licensing partnerships. Typically these will have a requirement for a particular D&B database to incorporate in their own value-added service. Predominantly web based, services include:
• B2C and B2B web directories that generate their revenues from advertisers,
• Satellite Navigation service providers,
• Data aggregators who combine D&B data with that from news providers,
• Market research agencies, competitor information etc,
• Specialist analytical or data management companies.

For more information please contact Guy Shelley.

Risk data (BIR) Resellers

D&B has a small numbers of selected partners who re-sell D&B data in their company reports. Such partnerships are formed where we are confident that the partner gets D&B to a market that we would not otherwise reach.

For more information please contact Guy Shelley.

Partners for Directories, Journals and Online Mailing Lists

Occasionally, in order to continue to provide an existing service to customers, D&B will work in partnership with a specialist provider. For instance:
• GAP Books publish D&B’s printed directories ‘Who Owns Whom’, ‘Key British Enterprises’ and ‘D&B Business Registers’,
• Business Pro publishes the weekly Journal of Bankruptcies, County Court judgments and Receiverships, and Stubbs Gazette,
• provides an online list-broking service for D&B marketing data.

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